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a bill of fare 菜单;节目单
a case in point 一个恰当的例子
a couple of 一对,一双;几个
a far cry 遥远的距离
a few 少许,一些
a good deal 许多,大量;…得多
a good few 相当多,不少
a good many 大量的,许多,相当多
a hard nut to crack 棘手的问题
a little 一些,少许;一点儿
a lot of 大量,许多;非常
a number of 一些,许多
a series of 一系列,一连串
abound in 盛产,富于,充满
above all 首先,首要,尤其是
according as 根据…而…
according to 根据…所说;按照
account for 说明(原因等);解释
accuse sb. of sth. 控告(某人某事)
act for 代理
act on 按照…而行动
act out 演出
adapt to 适应
add up to 合计达,总计是
add up 加算,合计
adhere to 粘附在…上;坚持
admire to do sth. (美口)很想做某事
admit of 容许有,有…余地
admit to 承认
advertise for 登广告征求(寻找)某物
affect to 假装
afford to (买)得起(某物)
after a little 过了一会儿
after all 毕竟,终究;虽然这样
agree on 同意,赞成
agree to 同意,商定
agree with 同意,与…取得一致
ahead of schedule 提前
ahead of time 提前,在原定时间以前
ahead of 在…前面,先于;胜过
aim for 力争…,针对
all along 始终,一直,一贯
all at once 突然;同时;一起
all but 几乎,差一点
all in all 总的说来;头等重要的
all of a sudden 突然,冷不防
all one's life 一生,一辈子
all out 竭尽全力
all over again 再一次,重新
all over 到处,遍及;全部结束
all right 令人满意的;好,行
all right 行,可以;顺利;确实
all round (在…)周围,处处
all the same 仍然,照样地
all the time 一直,始终
all too 太
allow for 考虑到,估计到;体谅
allow of 容许(有…),容得
along with 同…一道(一起)
amount to 总共达到;实际上是
and all that 诸如此类
and all that 诸如此类
and so forth 等等
and so forth 等等,如此等等
and so on 等等
and so 所以,因此;同样
and that 而且
and the like 等等,以及诸如此类
and then 于是,然后
and what not 诸如此类,等等
answer for 对…负责;符合…
answer sb. back (与某人)顶嘴,回嘴
answer up 应对迅速
any longer 再
any more 再;较多些
any number of 许多
anything but 除…以外任何事(物)
apart from 除…之外(别无)
appeal to 上诉
apply for 提出申请(或要求等)
apply oneself to 致力于
apply...to 把…应用于
approve of 赞成,满意
arm in arm 手挽手地
arrive at 到达(某地)
as a matter of fact 事实上,其实
as a matter of fact 事实上;其实
as a result of 由于;作为…的结果
as a result 作为结果
as a rule 通常,一般(说来)
as a rule 通常;一般说来
as best one can 尽最大努力
as concerns 关于
as far as …那么远,直到;至于
as follows 如下
as for as 就…而论,据…
as for 至于,就…方面说
as good as 和…几乎一样
as good as 几乎(实际)已经
as if 好象,仿佛
as it is 事实上,既然如此
as it were 似乎,可以说是
as long as 达…之外,长达
as long as 只要
as much as 尽…那样多;差不多
as regards 关于,至于
as soon as possible 尽快
as soon as 一…就…
as sure as fate 千真万确
as to 至于,关于
as well as (除…之外)也,既…又
as well 也,又
as...as... 象,如同,与…一样
aside from (美)除…以外
ask after 询问,问候
ask for 请求,要求,寻求
assist in 帮助(做某事)
assist sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事
assure sb. of sth. 使(某人)确信(某事)
at a good pace 相当快地
at a loss 困惑;亏本地
at a speed of 以…的速度
at a time 每次;在某个时刻
at all costs 不惜任何代价
at all events 无论如何
at all risks 无论冒什么危险
at all times 无论何时,一直
at all 完全,根本;到底
at any cost 不惜任何代价
at any rate 不管怎样,反正
at any rate 无论如何;至少
at any time 在任何时候
at best 充其量,至多
at ease 自由自在;舒适,舒坦
at first sight 乍一看(之下)
at first 最初,首先,开始时候
at full speed 以全速
at hand 在手边;在附近
at heart 在内心里;实质上
at home 在家,在国内;自在
at intervals 不时;相隔一定的距离
at large 完全地;详尽地
at last 最终,终于
at least 至少,最低限度
at length 最后,终于
at longest (把日期)至多,最晚
at lowest 至少,最低
at most 最多,至多,不超过
at night 天黑时;在夜里
at no time 决不,在任何时候都不
at once[2t 'w3ns]立刻,马上;同时
at one time 同时;曾经,一度
at one's best 处在最好状态
at other times 平时
at peace 处于和平(或和睦)状态
at present 目前,现在
at regular intervals 每隔一定时间(距离)
at sb.'s heels 紧跟在某人的后面
at sb's disposal 任某人处理
at sight of 一看见
at table 在餐桌边,在进餐时
at that rate 那样的话;照那种情形
at that 就那样,就这样;而且
at the cost of 以…为代价
at the expense of 归…付费
at the latest 最迟,至迟
at the mercy of 在…支配下
at the moment 此刻,目前;那时
at the same time 同时,然而,不过
at this rate 这样的话,照此速度
at times 有时,不时
attach importance to 认为重要
attach importance to 重视
attach oneself to 依附;参加党派
attach to 使属于,使参加
attain to 达到(理想的状态)
attend on 照顾,侍候
attend to 专心;照顾,护理
ay as well 还是…的好
back and forth (前后)来回地,往返
back away 逐渐后退
back of 在…的后面;在…背后
back up 支持,援助;倒退
based on 以…为基础
be able to 能,会
be about to 即将(做)
be absorbed in 专心致力于…
be abundant in …富于,…丰富
be accustomed to 习惯于
be acquainted with 开始认识;开始了解
be adequate for 适合
be alike to 与…相同,与…相似
be all ears 全神贯注地倾听着
be at the end 到尽头,达限度
be attached to 附属于;喜爱;爱慕
be attentive to 对…关怀
be available for 有效
be aware of 知道,意识到,认识到
be bound to 一定会…,必然…
be bound up in 热心于;忙于
be bound up with 与…有密切关系
be burned to a crisp 烧脆
be busy with 忙于…
be capable of 有做出(某事)倾向的
be caught up in 对…特别感兴趣
be certain of 确信,肯定
be certain to do sth 一定做…
be concerned with 关心,挂念;从事于
be detached from 把…从…上卸下
be equal to 等于,相当于
be fed up 吃得过饱;对…极厌倦
be fond of 爱好
be friends with 与…交友(友好)
be full of 充满
be good at 善于,擅长于
be hard on sb. 过于严厉对待某人
be hard up 短缺,在急需中
be ignorant of 对…不知道(了解)
be in drink 喝醉了
be in fashion (人、物)合于时尚
be in for 参加(竞赛、考试等)
be in love with 跟…恋爱
be in sympathy with 赞同,同情
be in the habit of 有…习惯(或脾气)
be inferior to (质量等)比…差
be keen about 喜爱,对…着迷
be keen on 喜爱;渴望
be known as 以…知名;被认为是
be known for 因…而众所周知
be known to 为…所知
be located in 位于…,坐落在…
be lost on 对…不起作用
be loyal to 忠于
be on the advance (物价)在上涨中
be on the drink 常常喝酒,酗酒
be out for 为图要;一心为
be out of employment 失业
be out of style 不合时式,不时髦
be qualified to 能胜任…
be remarkable for 以…而著称
be representative of 代表…
be rid of 摆脱,去掉
be satisfied with 对…感到满意
be seated 坐下,坐着;位于…
be short of 缺乏,不足;达不到
be skilled in 擅长
be subject to 易受…的;惯患…的
be supposed to 被期望;应该
be sure and... 一定要…
be sure of oneself 有自信心
be thick with 充满;与(某人)很亲密
be to blame 该受责备;应该负责
bear away 夺得;赢得(奖品等)
bear in mind 记住
bear on 对…施加影响;有关
bear out 证实,证明
bear sth. in mind 记住(某事)
bear with 宽容;耐心等待
beat down 打倒,推翻;杀(价)
beat off 击退,打退(进攻)
beat up and down 来回奔走
before long 不久以后
begin with 以…开始;开始于
behind schedule 落后于预定计划
believe in 相信,信仰,主张
belong to[bi'l08]属于;附属
bend one's knee to 向…跪下,屈服于
beside the point 离题,不中肯
beside the question 离题,和本题无关
best of all 最(好),首先
beyond control 无法控制
beyond number 多得数不清
beyond question 毫无疑问,无可争辩
bit by bit 一点一点地,渐渐
black and blue (被打得)遍体鳞伤
black out 用墨涂掉;封锁(新闻)
blow off 吹掉,将(热水等)放出
blow one's top (美)气急败坏;发脾气
blow out 吹熄(灯火等)
blow over 经过;(云等)吹散
blow up 给(轮胎等)打气;爆炸
boast of 吹牛,自夸,夸耀
border on 接界;接近,非常像
born of 源于;出生于
both...and... 既…又…,不但…而且
break away 突然离开;逃跑,脱身
break down 打破;发生故障;中止
break faith 背信,背弃信仰
break in 训练;强行进入;打断
break into pieces (使)成为碎片
break into 闯进;突然…起来
break off (使)折断;中断;断绝
break out (战争等)爆发;逃出
break the ice 打破沉默
break through 突破,冲垮;突围
break up 打碎;(关系)破裂
breeze through 轻松地做
bring about 带来;使(船)掉过头来
bring back 带回来,使恢复
bring down 降低(温度等);使倒下
bring forward 提出(建议等);显示
bring in 收获(庄稼等);生产
bring into action 使行动起来
bring into effect 实行,实现,实施
bring into operation 实施,使生效
bring out 使…显示出来;公布
bring through 救活(病人)
bring to life 使苏醒
bring to ruin 使毁灭,使落空
bring together 使…团结起来
bring up the rear 走在最后面
bring up 教育;提出(供讨论)
brush aside 扫除(障碍等),无视
build up 树立;逐步建立;增大
burn out 烧坏;烧尽,筋疲力尽
burn up (炉火等)烧旺起来
burst into laughter 突然笑起来
burst out laughing 突然笑起来
but for 倘没有,要不是
button up 扣,扣紧钮扣
buy off 收买
buzz off (俚)急忙离去
by accident 偶然
by air 通过航空途径
by all means 尽一切办法;一定
by all nerves 高度不安,神经紧张
by and by 不久以后,将来
by and large 总的来说,大体上
by any means 无论如何
by chance 偶然,碰巧,意外地
by comparison 比较起来
by error 错误地
by far …得多;最最
by force 凭借暴力;强迫地
by hand 用手;用手工的
by heart 熟记,牢记,凭记忆
by instinct 凭(靠)本能
by itself 自动地;单独地
by little and little 一点一点地,逐渐地
by means of 用,凭借,依靠
by mistake 错误地
by name 名叫;用名字
by nature 生性,本性上
by night 在夜间;趁黑夜
by no means 决不,并没有
by oneself 单独;独自,自行
by oneself 独自地,单独地
by pressed for 缺少,缺乏
by reason of 由于,因为
by reason that 因为…,由于…
by request 应邀,应(听众)的请求
by the name of 名叫
by turns 轮流,交替地
call after 追在…的后面叫喊
call back 叫回来,收回(错话等)
call for 要求,需要,提倡
call forth 唤起,引起
call in question 对…表示怀疑
call in 收回(某物)
call off 叫走,叫开;取消
call on 访问;号召;呼吁
call the roll 点名
call up 征召(服役),动员
can not help 情不自禁,忍不住
cannot but 不得不,不会不
cannot help but 不得不(接动词原形)
cannot help 不得不;忍不住
cannot...too... 越…越好
cannot...too... 怎么…也不会过分
care for 关怀,照管;愿意
carry back 运回;使回想起
carry off 拿走,夺去…的生命
carry on 继续开展,坚持下去
carry out 进行(到底),开展
carry through 进行(到底);贯彻
cash in on 靠…赚钱,乘机利用
cash in 兑现;收到…的货款
cast about for 搜索,寻觅
cast aside 消除,抛弃;废除
cast back 回想,追溯
cast oneself on 委身于,指望
catch at 想抓住;渴望取得
catch fire 着火,烧着
catch on 理解,明白,变得流行
catch one's breath 喘息;屏息
catch sb.'s eye 引起(某人)注目
catch sight of 发现,看到,突然看见
catch up with 赶上;指出…出了差错
cave in (使)下陷,坍塌
change one's mind 改变主意
check in 办理登记手续,报到
check out 结账后离开;检验合格
check up 核对,检验
cheer up 使高兴,使高兴起来
clap eyes on 看见;注视
clear away 把…清除掉;(云)消失
clear off 消除,摆脱(负担等)
clear out 把…清出(或出空)
clear up 消除(误会等);整理
close about 围住,包围
close down (工厂等)关闭,倒闭
close in 包围;迫近;渐短
close up 关闭;堵塞;靠近
come about 发生;(风等)改变方向
come across (越过…而)来到
come at 袭击;达到;得到
come before 在…之前来
come by 从旁走过;得到
come down on 申斥;惩罚
come down 败落
come for 来接人;来取物
come forth 出来;涌现
come home 回家;打中
come into effect 开始生效,开始实行
come into operation 施行;生效;开始工作
come into 进入;得到
come of 出身于;由…引起
come off (计划等)实现;举行
come on (劝说等)来吧;开始
come out 出版;传出;显现
come round (非正式的)来访;绕道
come through 经历(困难);获得成功
come to a close 结束,终止
come to an end 告终,结束;完结
come to life 苏醒过来
come to one's senses 恢复理性;醒悟过来
come to terms with 达成协议;妥协,让步
come to the point 说到要点;扼要地说
come to 苏醒;共计;达到
come true (希望等)实现,达到
come true 实现,达到
come up against 碰到(困难、反对等)
come up to 达到;符合
come up with 追上,赶上;提出
come up 走近;(从土中)长出
come what may 不管发生什么事
compare...to 把…比作;与…相比较
consist in 在于;存在于
consist of 由…构成,包含有
consult with 与…商量(协商)
contribute to 有助于…,促成
cope with 对付…,妥善处理
count on 依靠;期待,指望
count out 点…的数
count up 把…加起来,共计
cover up 掩盖,掩饰
credit with 把…记入贷方
cross off 从…划掉,删去
cross out 删去,取消
cry down 贬低
cry for 哭着要;恳求
cry off 取消(买卖、契约等)
cry out 大声呼喊;大声抱怨
cut across 抄近路穿过,对直通过
cut back 修剪(树枝等);削减
cut down 砍倒;消减;缩短
cut in (汽车)超车,抢挡
cut into 侵犯(利益等);削减
cut off 切掉;切断;阻隔
cut out 切掉;删掉;停止
cut short 中断,打断
cut through (抄近路)穿过;穿透
cut up 切碎;齐根割掉
date back to 追溯到;从…开始有
day after day 日复一日地
day in day out 日复一日地,天天
deal in 经营
deal out 分配,分给
deal with 做买卖;处理;安排
decide for 作对…有利的决定
decide on 选定,决定
dedicate to 献(身);把…用在…
depart from 离开,起程;开出
derive from 取得;起源;由来
devote oneself to 献身于;致力于
die away 变弱;逐渐平息
die for 渴望,切望
die from 由于…而死,因…致死
die of illness 病死
die off 一个个死掉
die out 消失,灭绝;熄灭
dig down 挖下去;掘倒
dig in 掘土以参进(肥料等)
dig out 掘出;挖掉
dig up 掘起;挖出
dip into 浸一浸;掏;翻阅一下
do a good job 好好干;干得好
do away with 废除,去掉;弄死
do by sb. 对待(某人)
do down 胜过;欺骗
do duty for 当…用,起作用
do for 对…有效;照应
do justice 公平对待;和…酷似
do one's best 尽力,尽最大努力
do one's best 尽力,努力
do one's bit 尽一份力
do one's bit 尽自己的一份力量
do one's duty 尽职,尽本分
do one's hair (女子)做头发
do one's level best 全力以赴
do sb. a favour 给某人以恩惠
do sb. good 帮助某人
do up one's hair (女子)梳理头发
do up 维修;使整洁;包扎
do with 与…相处;忍受;对付
do without 没有…也行;将就
do wrong 做错;作恶,犯罪
double back 把…对折;往回跑
double up 弯着身子;把…对折
down with 打倒;把…拿下
drag in 把…拉进去
drag on 拖延;使拖延
drain off 流掉;渐渐枯竭
drain...of 耗尽;用完
draw a conclusion 得出结论
draw aside 拉到一边
draw away 拉开;引开;离开
draw back 收回(已付关税等)
draw in (火车、汽车)进站
draw into 使卷入
draw lots 抽签,抽签决定
draw on 吸收;利用;凭;戴上
draw out 拉长;掏出(手帕等)
draw to a close 渐近结束
draw to a close 结束;终结
draw up 起草,制订
dream of 梦到;梦想;向往
dream up (凭想象)虚构
dress up 穿上盛装
drink down 以酒消(愁)
drink to 为…干杯,为…祝福
drink up 喝干净,喝完
drive at 意指
drive away at 努力做(工作等)
drive home 用车把…送到家
drive out 赶出去
drive up 抬高
drop by 顺便走访,非正式访问
drop off 睡着;(让…)下车
drop on 训斥,惩罚
drop out 退出,退学;掉落
drop over 顺便来访
drop to one's knees 跪下
dry up (使)干涸
due to 由于;应归于
dwell on 细想;详细讲述
each other['i '352]互相(多用作宾语)
early and late 从早到晚
early or late 迟早
earn one's living 谋生
eat of 吃…中的一部分
eat off 吃掉,腐烂掉
eat up 吃完,吃光;耗尽
either...or 或…或,不是…就是
employ oneself in 使忙于,使从事于
empty of 缺乏,无
end in 以…为结果
end off 结束
end up with 以…而结束
end up 结束,告终;竖着
engaged in 使从事于,使忙于
engaged with 与…有事商谈
enjoy oneself[in'd-0i w3n'self]过得快活;玩得高兴
ensure sb. against 保护某人免受…
enter into 进入;参加;开始从事
enter upon 开始,着手
equip with 装备,配备
even if 即使,纵然
even now 即使在现在
ever since 从那时起一直到现在
ever so 非常,极其
every bit 每一点,完全(一样)
every other day 每隔一天
every other 每隔一个…的
except for 除…之外
exert oneself to 努力,尽力
expect of 对…期望(要求)
face to face 面对面(的)地;对立地
face up to 勇敢地对付;大胆面向
fail in 在…不足,疏忽
fail to 不能,记忆
fall back on 求助于,转而依靠
fall behind 落在…后面,跟不上
fall for 爱上,迷恋;受骗
fall in love with 相爱,爱上…
fall in love 爱上某人
fall in with 偶尔遇到;同意,赞许
fall into 落入;陷于;河流注入
fall on one's knees 跪下(请求等)
fall out of 放弃(习惯等)
fall out 争吵;闹翻;结果
fall through 失败,成为泡影
fall to 着手;开始攻击
fall under 受到(影响等);被列为
far and away 大大…;无疑地
far and near 远近,到处,四面八方
far from 远离,决不,完全不
fear for 为…担心
feed on 以…为食物(能源)
feed up 供给…营养
feed with 加上(油、煤等)
feel amused at 以…自娱,逗…笑
feel like 感到想要做
feel out 试探出,摸清
feel up to 觉得能担当
figure on 把…估计在内;指望
figure out 计算出;估计;理解
figure up 计算…,把…总加起来
fill in 填充,填写,临时代替
fill out 填好,填写;使长大
fill up 填补;装满
find expression in 在…中表现出来
find oneself 发觉自己的处境
find out 查明;找到;发现
finish up with 以…结束;最后有…
finish up 结束;完成
finish with 完成,结束
fire up (突然)生气,勃然大怒
first and foremost 首要地,首先
first of all 首先,第一
first or last (古)迟早,早晚
fish out 捞出;把…中的鱼捕尽
fix one's eyes on 注意,注视
fix up 修补,修理好;解决
flame out 突然冒火焰
flare up 突然烧起来;突然发怒
flash out 突然说,突然表现出来
fly into a temper 大发脾气,勃然大怒
focus...on 使眼睛注视,集中
follow out 贯彻;把…探究到底
follow through 坚持到底
follow up 穷追(猎物等)
for ages 长期
for certain 肯定地;确凿地
for ever 永远
for example 例如
for fear of 由于害怕;生怕,以免
for good 永久地;一劳永逸地
for instance 例如,比如,举例说
for lack of 因缺乏;因没有
for life 终身
for sale[seil]待售,出售的
for sure 确实,毫无疑问地
for the best (完全)出于好意
for the better 好转,向好的方向发展
for the future 从今以后,在今后
for the moment 暂时;目前
for the present 目前,暂时,暂且
for the rest 至于其余,至于其它
for the sake of 为了,为了…的利益
for the time being 暂时,眼下
forget about 忘记
free and easy 不拘形式的;随便的
free from 不受…影响的
free of 无…的;摆脱了…的
freeze up (使)冻结
from memory 凭记忆
from now on 今后,从现在起
from time to time 时常,有时,不时
gain on 跑得比…快;逼近
generation gap 代沟
get about 走动;旅行
get above oneself 变得自高自大
get across 使通过,使被理解
get ahead 进步,获得成功
get along with 与…友好相处;有进展
get along 过活;相处融洽;进展
get around 规避(法律等);走动
get at 到达;了解;查明
get away 逃脱;离开;出发
get back at 报复
get by 通过;走过,侥幸躲过
get down to work 认真开始工作
get down to 开始认真考虑或对待
get down 从…下来;下车;写下
get hold of 一把抓住;掌握;得到
get in 收获;收(税等);抵达
get into debt 借债,负债
get into the act 插手…以便得到好处
get into 对…发生兴趣;卷入
get off 下车;离开;开始
get on to 知道;意识到
get on with 与…友好相处;继续干
get on 骑上(马等);过活
get one's hands on 得到,找到;占有
get out of 逃避;摆脱;改掉
get out 离去;(消息等)泄漏
get over 克服(困难等)
get ready (使)准备好
get rid of 摆脱,除去
get the best of 胜过,打赢
get the better of 打败,智胜
get the better of 占上风;克服;抑制
get through 到达;完成;接通电话
get together 聚集;会面;装配
get up[get 3p]起床;爬上;达到
give away 泄露(秘密等);增送
give back 归还;恢复;后退
give birth 使诞生;生(孩子)
give ear to 听,倾听
give expression to 表达出,反映
give in 投降;交上去;听任
give notice 通知
give occasion to 引起
give off 发出或放出(蒸气等)
give one's ears 不惜任何代价(要)
give out 分发;发出(气味等)
give rise to 产生;引起
give rise to 引起;使发生;造成
give satisfaction 使满意,使满足
give up 放弃;投降;抛弃
give way to 让位于;给…让路
go about 从事,着手做;闲逛
go after 追逐,追求;设法得到
go ahead 前进,领先;取得进展
go ahead 前进;干吧
go all out 全力以赶;鼓足干劲
go along with 赞同;附合,支持
go around (消息)流传;足够分配
go back on 丢弃(朋友等);食言
go back on 违背,毁(约)
go back to 追溯到…
go beyond the limit 超过限度
go by 走过,放过;依照
go down 下去;(船等)下沉
go for 为…去;努力获取
go hard with sb. 使某人为难(或痛苦)
go in for 从事于;酷爱;追求
go into action 开始行动
go into 进入;投入;调查
go off with 拿去;抢走;拐走
go off 离去;去世;被发射
go on the stage 上舞台,当演员
go on 继续下去,进行;接近
go out of one's way 特别费心(做事)
go out 走出(房间等);罢工
go over 检查;从头至尾温习
go through 经历;完成;检查
go to excess 走极端
go to great lengths 竭尽全力
go to pieces 崩溃,瓦解;身体垮台
go to sleep 入睡,睡着
go to the expense of 为…的目的花钱
go together 相配;恋爱
go up 上升;(物价等)上涨
go with 与…持同一看法;伴随
go without 不享受
good for 有效的;值…;胜任
grasp at 向…抓去,想抓住
grow on (习惯)加深对…的影响
grow up 成熟;成年;逐渐形成
guarantee against 保证…不…
had best 最好,顶好
had better do sth. 还是…好,最好还是…
had rather... 宁愿…
hand down 把…传下来;传给
hand in hand 手拉手;联合
hand in 交上;递上,交进
hand on 传下来,依次传递
hand out 分派;把…拿出来
hand over 交出,移交;让与
hang about 闲荡;聚在…临近
hang on to 紧紧握住
hang on 抓紧不放;坚持下去
hang up 把…挂起来;挂断
happen on 巧遇;偶然发现
happen to 碰巧
hardly any 几乎没有
hardly...when... 刚…就…
have a ball 玩得高兴
have a dislike of 不喜欢,讨厌
have a good time 过得快乐,玩得高兴
have back 要回,收回
have mercy on 对…表示怜悯
have no business 没有权力或理由做某事
have no lack of 不缺乏
have notice of 接到通知
have on 穿着;有事;进行
have one's day 走运;正在得意的时候
have respect for 尊重;考虑
have sth. to do with 和…有关;和…打交道
have to do with 与…有关;和…打交道
have to 不得不;必须
head for 朝…方向走去
head on 迎面地,正面地
head up 在…上加盖子
hear from 接到…的信
hear of 听到,听说
heart and soul 全心全意(地)
heart and soul 全心全意地,完全地
heart to heart 坦率地
help oneself 自取所需(食物等)
help sb. out 帮助,帮忙
help sb. with sth. 在…帮助某人
here and now 此时此地
here and there 到处,各处;偶然
hold back 踌躇,退缩不前,阻止
hold down 压制;抑制(热情等)
hold in 约束,抑制
hold office 担任公职
hold on to 紧紧抓住;控制,克制
hold on 握住不放;坚持下去
hold one's own 坚守住,不被打败
hold oneself in 尽力不叫
hold out 伸出;坚持;支持
hold up 举起;耽搁;抢劫
hold water (容器等)盛得住水
hold...against 记恨
How about? …如何?…怎么样?
hurry up['h3ri 3p](使)赶快;迅速完成
identify with 认为…等同于
if any 若有的话
if only 只要;要是…就好
improve on 对…作出改进;超过
in a hurry 匆忙;立即,很快地
in a moment 立即,立刻
in a sense 从某种意义上说
in accordance with 与…一致;按照,根据
in addition to 除…之外(还有)
in addition 另外
in advance of 在…的前面;超过
in advance 在前面;预先
in all directions 向四面八方
in all 总共,共计
in and out 进进出出
in any case 不管怎样
in any case 无论如何,总之
in any event 不管怎样,无论如何
in brief 简言之;以简洁的形式
in case of 假如,万一…
in case 假如;免得
in charge of 主管,掌管,照管
in common 共用,公有,共同
in comparison with 与…比较
in consequence of 由于…的缘故
in consequence 结果是,因此
in danger 在危险中,垂危
in debt to sb. 欠某人的债
in detail 详细地
in difficulties 处境困难
in due course 在适当的时候
in effect 实际上;正实行中
in error 弄错了的;错误地
in excess of 超过
in exchange for 交换
in face of 面对;纵然,即使
in fact 其实,实际上
in faith 确实,的确
in favour of 赞成,支持;有利于
in focus 焦点对准;清晰
in force (法律)有效的;大批地
in front of 在…前面,面对
in full swing 活跃;正在全力进行
in full 充足,十足
in future 今后,以后
in general 通常,一般地说
in good health 身体好
in half 成两半
in hand 现有在手头;在进行中
in itself 本质上,就其本身而言
in light of 按照,根据;鉴于
in line with 跟…一致;符合
in line 成一直线;整齐;一致
in memory of 纪念…
in nature 性质上;实际上
in no case 决不,无论如何不
in no time 立即,立刻;马上
in one's honour 向…表示敬意
in order that 以便,为了…
in order to 以便,以…为目的
in order 整齐;状况良好
in part 在某种程度上;部份地
in particular 特别,尤其;详细地
in person 亲自;身体上;外貌上
in place of 代替
in place 在适当的位置;适当的
in point of 实际上,就事实而论
in practice 在实践中
in proportion to 与…成比例;与…相称
in public 公开地,当众
in quantity 大量
in question 正在谈论的
in regard to[ri'ga:d]关于
in relation to 关于,有关;与…相比
in respect that 因为,考虑到
in return for 作为…的交换
in return 作为回报,作为报答
in school 在求学
in search of 寻找;寻求
in season (水果等)应时的
in secret 秘密地,私下地
in session 在开会;在开庭
in short 总之,总而言之
in sight 被见到,看得见;在望
in so far as (程度等)就…;至于
in spite of 尽管;不顾;虽然
in step 协调;同步;合拍
in support of 支援;支持;拥护
in tears 流着泪;含泪哭
in terms of 根据;以…的措词
in that 既然;因为
in the air 在空中;未定
in the case of 就…来说;至于
in the course of 在…期间,在…过程中
in the dark 在黑暗中;秘密地
in the distance 在远处,远方的
in the end 最后,终于
in the event of 如果…发生,万一
in the first place 起初,本来;首先
in the future 将来
in the heat of 在(辩论)最激烈的时候
in the interest of 为了…的利益,为了
in the least 一点(也不),丝毫(不)
in the long run 从长远来看,最后
in the main 基本上,大体上
in the mass 总体上,整个儿地
in the name of 以…的名义;代表
in the nature of 具有…的性质的
in the negative 否定地,否决
in the open 在户外;在露天
in the past 在过去
in the shape of 呈…的形状
in this case 既然是这样
in time 及时,适时;还早
in touch 联系,接触
in truth 事实上,的确
in turn 依次,轮流
inquire about 询问,打听
inquire after 问起(某人)的健康情况
inquire for 询问(商店、地点等)
instead of 代替;而不是…
interfere in 干涉,干预
interfere with 打扰(某人),妨碍
jet lag 时差反应
join hands with 互相合作,携起手来
join in 参加(活动)
join up 参军,入伍;联合起来
judging by 从…判断
jump at 急忙接受,立即抓住
jump off 开始,开始进攻
just about 差不多,几乎
just as 正象;正当…的时候
just now 现在,眼下;刚才
just the same 完全一样
keep an eye on 照看;留意
keep away 站开;使离开
keep back 留在后面;阻止;隐瞒
keep company with 和…交往
keep company with 与…交往;和…亲热
keep down 控制;压服;缩减开支
keep early hours 早睡早起
keep faith 守信,忠于信仰
keep friends with 与…保持友好
keep from 阻止;使免于;隐瞒
keep house 管理家务;做家务
keep in mind 记住
keep in touch 保持联系
keep off 避开;不让…接近
keep on good terms 保持友好关系
keep on 继续进行,反复地做
keep one's balance 保持(身体)平衡
keep one's eyes open 留心看着;保持警惕
keep one's eyes open 留心看着;保持警惕
keep one's head 保持镇静
keep one's mind on 专心于
keep one's temper 忍住性子
keep out of 躲开,(使)置身…之外
keep pace with 与…齐步前进
keep silence 保持沉默,不讲话
keep sth. secret 把某事保守秘密
keep terms with sb. 同某人交往
keep to oneself 保守秘密,不与人来往
keep to 坚持;固守(习惯等)
keep under 压制;控制
keep up with 跟上,不落后
keep up 继续;坚持,维持
kill off 消灭,杀光
kind of (状语)有点儿,有几分
knock down 撞倒;击落;拆除
knock off 把…敲掉;击倒;停工
knock out 敲空;(拳击中)击倒
know about 了解,知道…的情况
know better than 很懂得(而不至于)
labour along 缓慢而费力地前进
laugh at 因…而发笑;嘲笑
laugh off 用笑摆脱(困境等)
laugh over 笑着谈论
launch out (船)下水;开始新事情
lay aside 把…放在一边;储存
lay down 放下;铺设(铁路)
lay hold of 握住;控制住;占有
lay off 停止;(临时)解雇
lay out 花费;布置;摆开
lay over 涂,覆盖;压倒
lay up 贮存,储蓄;暂停使用
lead to 通向,导致;引起
lead up to 把…一直带领到;导致
learn by heart 记住,背诵
learn from 学习,向…学习
learn of 听到;获悉…的事
learn off 记熟,背下来
leave alone 不管,不理会;不打扰
leave alone 听其自然,不要去管
leave behind 丢弃;留下;忘记携带
leave off (使)停止;停下来
leave out 忽略,遗漏;省略
let alone 不干涉;不碰
let down 放下;降低;使…失望
let go 放开;释放;发射
let in 让…进入;放…出来
let off 放(炮);开(枪);宽恕
let out 放掉(水等),发出
let up 减小;(雨等)渐渐停止
lie down 躺下;(故意)躺下不干
lie in 在于;分娩;睡懒觉
lie on 依赖;压迫;折磨(人)
lie over 等待以后处理
lie up 卧床;(船)入坞
light up 照亮;点(烟)
like any thing 象什么似地;拼命地
limber up 使柔软;柔和一下身体
line up 排队,使排成一行
link up 把…连(衔)接起来
listen for 等着听…(的声音)
listen into 收听;监听;偷听
listen to 听,倾听
little by little 一点一点地,逐渐地
live off 住在…之外;靠…生活
live on 靠…生活;以…为食
live out 活过(某一段时间)
live through 经历过;度过;经受住
live up to 无愧于;做到;符合
live with 接受;忍受;承认
lock oneself in 把自己关在里面
lock out 把…关在外面
long before 在…以前很久
long for 渴望
long since 很久以前
long since 很久以前;很久以来
look after['a2]照顾;目送;负责处理
look at 看着;注视;察看
look back 回顾;回想;停止不前
look black 怒视
look down on 蔑视,看不起
look for 寻找,寻求;指望
look forward to 盼望,期待;预期
look in 顺便看望,顺便访问
look into 观察;调查;窥视
look on 旁观;观看;面向
look out 留神;朝外看;照料
look over 从…上面看过去;检查
look round 掉头看;观光;察看
look through (从头至尾)浏览;温习
look to 照管;留心;指望
look up to sb. 尊敬,敬仰
look up 向上看;查出
lose heart 灰心,泄气
lose heart 丧失勇气(或信心)
lose no time 立即
lose one's hair 脱发;发脾气
lose one's head 慌乱;被砍头
lose one's heart to 心被…俘去,爱上
lose one's nerves 变得慌张,不知所措
lose one's temper 发怒,发脾气
lose sight of 不再看见;忽略;忘记
lose sight of 看不见
lost one's balance 失去平衡;心慌意乱
lots and lots 许许多多(的)
lots of 大量,许多
made up of 由…组成,由…构成
major in 专攻,专修
make a deal with 与…做买卖;和…妥协
make a difference 有影响,有关系
make a display of 把…炫耀一下
make a face (表示厌恶等)做鬼脸
make a mess of 把…弄糟
make a note of 把…记下来
make as if 假装;装作
make away (急忙)离去;逃走
make away with 携…而逃;摧毁;浪费
make beds 铺床叠被
make believe 假装,装作
make certain (把…)弄确实,弄清楚
make down 改小(衣服)
make for 走向,向…前进;冲向
make friends with 与…交朋友
make fun of 嘲笑;开…玩笑
make fun of 取笑,嘲笑
make light of 轻视,藐视
make love to 向…表示爱情
make mention of 提及
make much of 重视;充分利用
make no difficulties 不留难;表示无异议
make off with 携…而逃
make one's way 前进;成功,发迹
make out of 用…制造出;理解
make out 开列;书写;辩认出
make over 把(财产)转让;改造
make peace with (与…)讲和
make progress with 在…方面取得进步
make room for sb. 让出空地方给某人
make sense 讲得通,言之有理
make sure 查明,确信,开确实
make terms 达成协议
make the best of 充分利用(时间等)
make the most of 充分利用;极为重视
make up for 补偿,弥补
make up one's mind 决定,下决心
make up to 接近;巴结;向…求爱
make up 拼凑;组成;补偿
many a 许多的,一个又一个的
mark down 记下;标低(商品)价目
mark off 划分出
mark out for 使…注定要
mark out 划分出;规划
mark time 原地踏步,停止不前
mark up 把…标出
may as well 最好,不妨
mean business 是当真的
measure up to 符合,达到,够得上
measure up 合格,符合标准
meet up with 偶尔碰见
meet with (偶尔)遇见;碰到
mind you 听着,请注意
mistake for 把…错认为
mix up 混全,混淆;搞糊涂
more often than not 时常,在更多情况下
more or less 或多或少;左右
more than ever 超出任何时候
move about 走来走去,总是搬家
move off 离去,走掉
move on 继续前进
much less 更不
much more 更加,何况
nail up 把…钉牢;把(门)钉死
name after 用…的名字作名字
near by 在附近
near to 接(靠)近;几乎要
neither...nor... 既不…也不…
never mind 不要紧,没关系
next door 隔壁的;在隔壁
night after night 一夜又一夜地
night and day 日以继夜地
no doubt 无疑地,必定;很可能
no fewer than 不少于
no later than 不迟于…
no less than 和…一样,不少于…
no longer['l08g2]不再,已不
no matter 无论(…),不管(…)
no more than 仅仅,只是
no more 不再;不再存在;也不
no more...than... 不过;同…一样不
no other than 除…外没有;只有
no sooner...than 一…就…
no thanks to 并非由于
none but 只有
none other than 不是别人而正是
none the less (尽管…)仍然
none the less 仍然,依然
none too 一点也不
not a little 许多,很
not as...as... 不如…那样
not at all 不点也不;别客气
not at all 根本不;一点也不
not but that 虽然
not in the least 毫不
not more than 至多;不比…更
not much of a 不是一个好的
not nearly 远非,相差很远
not only...but 不但…而且
not so much...as... 与其说是…不如说是…
not think much of 对…估价不高
not to mention 更不必说
nothing but 只有;只不过
now and then 时而,不时
now that 既然,由于
occur to 被想到
of course[2v'k0:s]自然,当然,无疑
of importance 重要,具有重要意义
of itself 自行(到来)
of one's own 属于某人自己的
off and on 断断续续地,不时地
off balance 不平稳的,摇摆的
off duty 下班
on a large scale 大规模地
on a level with 和…同一水准
on a small scale 小规模地
on account of 因为,由于
on an average 平均起来,一般说来
on balance 总的说来
on behalf of 代表…,为了…
on board 在船(车、飞机)上
on business 因事,因公
on condition that 如果…;在…条件下
on credit 赊(购)
on display 展出
on duty 值班;上班
on earth 在世界上;究竟,到底
on end 连续地;竖着
on fire 起火;(喻)非常激动
on foot 步行;在进行中
on guard 站岗,值班
on hand 现有;在手边;临近
on no account 决不
on occasion 间或,有时
on one's guard 警惕,警戒;提防
on one's own 独自地;主动地
on principle 根据原则,按照原则
on purpose 为了;故意地
on relief 接受救济的
on sale 上市的;减价;贱卖
on schedule 按照预定时间,准时
on second thoughts 经重新考虑后
on the contrary 正相反
on the grounds of 以…为理由;根据
on the lips of 在…中流传
on the nail 立即;当场;在讨论中
on the principle of 根据…的原则
on the road 在旅途中
on the run 跑着;奔走;奔波
on the side 作为兼职;另外
on the spot 当场,立即;在现场
on the stroke 准时地
on the table (摆)在桌面上,公开地
on the turn 正在转变中
on time 按时,准时
on top of 在…之上;除…之外
once for all 一劳永逸地
once in a while 偶尔,间或
once more 再一次,又一次
once upon a time (故事的开头)从前
one after another 一个接一个地,依次地
one another 互相地
one day (过去或将来的)某一天
only that 要不是…
only too 非常,实在
open out (打)开;开发;表明
or else 否则,要不然
or rather 更精确地说,倒不如说
or so 大约
other than 不同于;除了
out of breath 喘不过气来
out of control 失去控制
out of danger 脱离危险
out of date 过时的,陈旧的
out of debt 不欠债
out of doors 在户外
out of favour 失宠;不受欢迎
out of focus 焦点没有对准;模糊
out of order 不整齐;发生故障
out of place 不相称;不合适
out of practice 久不练习,荒疏
out of proportion 不成比例;不相称
out of question 毫无疑问
out of sight 看不见,在视野之外
out of the question 不可能的;不必谈的
out of touch 不联系,不接触
out of 在…外;离开…;缺乏
over and above 在…之上;重于
over and over 一再地,再三地
over there 在那里(指较远处)
owing to 由于,因为
pass away 消失;去世;终止
pass by 走过;(时间)逝去
pass on 把…传给别人;转入
pass out 失去知觉;分发
pass through 穿过;经历;遭受
pay attention to 注意;重视
pay back 偿还(借款等);回报
pay for 偿还;受到惩罚
pay off 还清(债款)
pay out 付出(款项等)
pay respect to 考虑,关心,重视
pay sb. on the back 对某人表示赞许
pay up 全部付清(钱);付款
per cent[p2'sent]百分之…
pick off 摘下,摘掉
pick out 选出,挑出
pick up 拣起;(车等)中途搭人
piece together 拼合,拼凑在一起
piece up 修补
pile up 堆积;积聚
play a joke on sb. 开某人的玩笑
play a part 扮演角色;参与…
play the devil with 弄糟…;使失败
play with 以…为消遣;玩弄
point for point 确切地
point out 指出,指明;解释
point to 指向
preserve from 保护,使…免遭
press for 催逼;迫切要求
prevail over 获胜,占优势
prevent...from... 阻止,妨碍
prior to 在前,居先,比…在先
protect...from 保护…不受…
pull down 拆毁,拉倒;使降低
pull in (车)进站;(船)到岸
pull into 进入;到达
pull off 脱(帽等);努力实现
pull on 穿上;继续拉(或划)
pull out 拔出,抽出,挖出
pull through 使渡过(危险等)
pull to pieces 把…撕成碎片
pull up (使)停下;拔起(树等)
put across 解释清楚;做成(交易)
put aside 储存,保留
put away 把…收起;储存,积攒
put down 记下;镇压;杀死
put forward 提出(要求、事实等)
put in 花费;正式提出
put into practice 实行,实施
put off 推迟,拖延;阻碍
put on 穿上;上演;教唆
put out of action 使失去效用
put out 熄灭;关(灯);出版
put through 使穿过;使从事
put to (船只顺避风等而)靠岸
put to the test 使受试验,使受检验
put up with 忍受,容忍(讨厌的人)
put up 举起;安装;张贴
put...in force 实施…;使…生效
quarrel with 与…吵架
queue up 排队等候
quite a few 相当多,有相当数目
rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨
rain out 因下雨阻碍
rather than 宁愿…(而不)
rather too 稍微…一点
reach out 伸出手(或脚)
react against 反抗;起反作用
react on 对…有影响
react to 对…起反应
refer oneself to 依赖,求助于
refer to sb. as 把…称作
regardless of 不顾,不惜,不注意
rely on 依靠,依赖,依仗
remark on 评论,谈论,议论
reply for sb. 代表某人作答(或答辩)
reply to sb. 回答某人
report on 报告;汇报(某事)
report oneself 去报到,到…去见某人
rest on 依赖,依据;信赖
result from 是(由)…造成的
result in 引起,结果是;导致
revolve around 旋转;绕转
ride down 骑马赶上;践踏
ride off 岔开去
ride on (让)…骑在上面;依靠
ride over 骑马而来
right away 立刻,马上
ring off 挂断电话;停止讲话
ring out 宣布离去
ring up 打电话
rise superior to 不受…的影响
roll around (时间)流逝
roll back 使退却
roll in 滚滚而来;蜂拥而来
roll into (使)滚进…
roll out 辗平;铺开
roll up (烟雾)袅袅上升;卷起
round and round (围绕着…)不息地旋转
round off (园满)完成
round up 收集,集合
rub away 擦掉;磨去
rub down 用力擦遍;按摩
rub off 擦掉,磨去
rub out 擦掉,拭去;(俚)杀死
run away with (感情等)战胜
run down 跑下;撞倒;追捕到
run into 跑进;偶然遇到;共计
run off (使)逃跑;复制
run one's eyes over 扫视,浏览
run out from 从…延伸
run out of 用完,耗尽
run out 结束;变得缺乏
run over (跑)过去;溢出;浏览
run through 跑着穿过;刺
run up against 意外地碰到(困难等)
run upon 撞击;触(礁)
rush into 匆忙做某事
rush out 突然出现
rush through 匆忙做完,快速通过
save for 留供…用
save on 节省,节约
save up 储蓄;贮存;节省
scrape through 勉强通过
search after 探索;寻找
search out 寻找,找到
see about 负责处理(某事);查看
see eye to eye 看法完全一致
see eye to eye 完全同意
see for oneself 亲眼看,自己去看
see sb. off 为某人送行
see sb. through 关心…渡过难关
see that 要注意使…;务必使…
see to 负责,注意,照料
see with 同意
seeing that 鉴于…,由于…的缘故
seek out 搜寻出
seize hold of 抓住;占领
sell off 廉价出清(存货)
sell out 卖完;出售货物
sell up 卖光
send away for 函索
send for 派人去请;召唤;索取
send in 呈报;送…参加比赛
send off 寄出;为…送行;解雇
send out 发送;派遣;发出请柬
send round 使传阅;发送;派遣
send up 发出;射出;呈递
serve as 充当;起作用
set about 开始;散布(谣言等)
set apart 使分离;使显得突出
set aside 挑出;不顾;取消
set back (把钟等)往回拨;推迟
set down 记下;登记;放下
set fire to 使燃烧,点燃
set forth 动身起程
set free 释放,使获得自由
set light by 轻视
set off 动身,出发;使爆炸
set oneself against 坚决反对
set oneself up as 以…自居
set out 动身;开始;装饰
set up 开办;建立;设立
settle down 定居;安下心来
settle for 对…感到满足,满足于
settle one's account 结算;付讫
shake hands with 与…握手
shake off 撵走,摆脱;抖落
shake up 摇匀;激励,使振作
shoot at 向…射击;力争
shoot away 不停地射击
shoot out 抛出;射出
shoot up 射出;喷出
show in 领入,领进来
show off 炫耀,卖弄
show up 使显现;揭露;拆穿
shrug off 耸肩表示对…不屑理睬
shut out 排除(可能性等)
side by side 肩并肩地;同时地
side walk 人行道
sign in 签到;签收
sign on 签约受雇用
single out 挑选出,选拔,找出
sit on 为…的成员;压制
sit up 迟睡,熬夜;坐正
size up 打量;估计(情况)
sketch out 草拟;概略地叙述
skim over 掠过,擦过;浏览
slide into 不知不觉地沾染上…
slide over 略过;回避
slow down 放慢速度;减退
smell about 到处嗅寻;到处找
smell of 有…的气味
smell out 嗅出,凭嗅觉发现…
smile on 对…赞许
smooth out 把…开平;消除;解决
so far 迄今为止
so far 迄今为止;到这种程度
so long as 只要,如果;既然
so much as that 到这样程度以致…
so that 以便;结果是;以致
so to speak 可以说是;打个譬喻说
so...as to 如此…以至于
so...that 如此…以致于
something else 另外的一些东西
something like 几分象;大约
something of 在某种意义(或程度)上
sooner or later 迟早,早晚,或迟或早
speak for 代表…讲话;要求得到
speak up 大声说
speak well for 证明…很好
speed up 使加速,增加速度
spread out 伸开,展开;传播
spring up 涌现;发生;迅速长出
stand a chance 很可能,有希望
stand by 站在旁边;袖手旁观
stand for 代替;代表;意味着
stand in one's way 阻碍,妨碍
stand out 引人注目;杰出,出色
stand the test 经受住考验
stand up for 为…辩护;维护;坚持
stand up to 勇敢地面对;坚决抵抗
stand up 立起;(论点)站得住脚
start off 出发,动身;开始
start up 突然站起,惊起
stay up 不睡觉,熬夜
step by step 逐步地,一步步地
step up 走近来;登上去
stick out 伸出;坚持到底;显眼
stick to 坚持;忠于;信守
stop by (顺便)访问
stop off 中途停留;中途下车
store up 贮藏,储备
stray away from 走离;走失;漫游
stretch out 伸展;伸手拿…
string up 吊死某人;把…挂起来
struggle against 与…作斗争,和…斗争
struggle for 为…而斗争
stuff up 堵(塞)住,填满
stuff with 用…把…堵住
subject to 使受到,使遭遇
succeed in 在…成功
such as 象…那样的,诸如
sum up 总结,概括
sweep clean 扫,清洁
sweep off 拂去;大量清除
switch off (用开关)关掉
switch on (用开关)开启
take a chance 冒险,投机
take a dislike to 讨厌
take a hand in 参加;帮助
take action 采取行动;提出诉讼
take advantage of 趁…之机,利用
take after 与…相象
take apart 拆开(机器等)
take away 拿走,夺去,使离去
take care of 爱护,照顾,照料
take care 当心,注意
take charge 掌管,负责,看管
take delight in 以…为乐
take down 取下;记下;拆卸
take effect (药等)见效
take for 认为,以为;误认为
take interest in 对…感(产生)兴趣
take into account 把…考虑进去
take into account 考虑;重视
take issue with sb. 与某人争论
take it easy 不紧张;放松;松懈
take leave of 向…告别
take note of 注意(到)
take notes 记笔记
take notice of 注意,留心
take off 拿走;脱下(衣帽等)
take on 呈现(面貌);装出
take on 接受;包含;领会
take one's chance 碰运气,听任命运
take one's measure 量尺寸;打量,估计
take oneself off 走开,离去
take order to do 采取适当办法去做…
take order with 安排,处理
take out loans 借贷
take out 拿出;去掉;扣除
take over 占据;接任(职位)
take pains 尽力,努力,下苦功
take part in 参加…,参与…
take part with 与…站在一边,袒护
take place 发生;进行;举行
take pride in 以…自豪
take sb. to task 责备某人,申斥某人
take steps 采取步骤;采取措施
take the lead 为首,领先
take the place of 代替
take the road of 占先,居…之上
take the road 出动,动身;走…道路
take thought for 对…担心;对…挂念
take time 不急不忙,从容进行
take to one's heels 逃走,逃之夭夭
take to 开始;对…产生好感
take turns 依次,轮流
take up 拿起;着手处理;占去
take up 占去,占据;开始从事
take...as 把…理解为
talk back 回嘴,顶嘴
talk out 把…说透
talk over 商量,(充分)讨论
talk up 大声地讲;大胆地讲
talk with 与…交谈,试图说服
taste of 有…味道(或气息)
teach a lesson 给…一个教训
teach school 教书,当教师
tear down 扯下;拆毁;诋毁
tear off 急速脱掉
tear up 创;挖;掘;拉掉
telephone to sb. 打电话给某人
tell about 讲述
tell on 告发;产生效果
tell...apart 把…区分开
tell...from 辨别,分辨;认出
thanks to 由于
that is to say 那就是说,换句话说
that is 就是说;即(略为i.e)
the mass of 大多数,大部分
the moment that 一…就…
the other day 在不久前某天
the rank and file 普通士兵们,老百姓们
the same as 与…一致,与…相同的
there and then 当时当地
think better of 对…有更高的评价
think nothing of 把…看成平常
think of 考虑;记得;认为
think of...as 把…看作是,以为…是
think out 彻底地想一想
think over 仔细考虑
think through 思考…直到得出结论
think twice 重新考虑
think up 发明;设计出
throw about 到处扔;转向航行
throw away 扔掉,抛弃
throw doubt upon 使人对…产生怀疑
throw light on sth. 解释,阐明
throw off 扔开;匆匆脱掉(衣服)
throw over 抛弃(计划等)
throw up 抛起;呕出(食物)
tie up 束紧,缚牢;包扎
to a day 一天也不差
to begin with 首先,第一
to date 到此为止
to say nothing of 更不必说
to some extent 在某种程度上
to speak of 值得一提的
to the contrary 意思相反的(地)
to the end of time 永远
to the full 完全地;彻底地
to the life 逼真地,维妙维肖
to the limit 到顶点,到最大限度
to the number of 合计数为…
to the point 中肯;扼要
together with 和;加之;连同
too...to... 太…以致不能…
touch on 关系到,涉及到
touch up 润色(图画、文章等)
track down 找到,发现;查出
track out 根据(遗迹等)探索出
trail off (声音等)逐渐变弱
treat sb. as 把…待如;把…看作
treat sb. for 给某人医治…
try for 谋求,争取
try on 试穿;试用;试验
try out (彻底)试验
tune in 收听;调谐
tune out 关掉(收音机等)
turn against 对…采取敌对态度
turn away 走开;把脸转过去
turn down 关小,调低;拒绝
turn in 转身进入;拐入;交出
turn into 进入;使变成,使成为
turn off 关(水源等);拐弯
turn on 开,旋开(电灯等)
turn out 生产;驱逐;翻转
turn sb's blood cold 使毛骨悚然
under arms 在备战状态中
under control 处于控制之下
under the charge of 在…掌管(或看管)之下
under the heel of 在…统治下,被…践踏
up in arms 起来进行武装斗争
up to date 现代的;直到最近的
up to time 准时
wait at table 伺候进餐
what is more 而且;更重要的是
with regard to 关于,至于
with respect to 关于,至于
with the help of 在…的帮助下
within limits 在一定范围之内
without day 不定期;无限制(休会)
without doubt 无疑地,很可能
without fail 必定,务必
without limits 无限(制)地
without number 多得数不清的
without question 毫无疑问
without regard to 不考虑,不顾到
without so much as 甚至于不…
world without end 永远,永久地
would rather...than 宁愿…而不愿…

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